Why we lack faith….

Training beim Meister needs faith

Sometimes I ask myself, why this so obvious problem is not solved by anyone alone.
Europe is in a crisis, they say. We all can have the same fate, if we don’t save our money and of course put it in the bank.
This crisis is a perfect moment to point fingers. Therefore we all LIKE crisis.
We can find a guilty part and we can point fingers to all directions we want.
Perfect, isn’t it?
And at the moment our fingers are soooo far away that the chance they pass our face are the same like Jean Luc Piccard turns into a borg.

And in this moment of course rationalism is lost. Psychology proofed that if a person is emotional a specific hormone spreads out in the brain, which makes it actually impossible to think rational. This function of the brain does not work at that moment.
Therefore you have to wait until the person cools down. Then this hormone leaves the brain.

The problem now is that we are kept emotional.
Everyday news spread over the world to make us emotional. Everyday we can point our fingers to something new.

At the moment Greece is our favourite. First it started with money, now it is the goverment and the mass media will turn a lot of people into xenophobic beings, who will at  the end hate Greece. The same happens of course the other way round, as some greek party already turns huge numbers of citizens against Germany.

Crisis is cool, crisis makes us forget.

And in crisis, as our mental capabilities are „limited“ (not only through hormones), the so called experts gain popularity.

And they talk and talk and talk.
Reproduction of a reproduction.
When the crisis in US started at the end it became a fight between Reagan and Carter. Between their choices, which lead to this crisis.

The same now. Greece should have never been allowed to enter the EU. It is prooven fact that they faked the economy papers for entering the EU and the EURO. 
But also that for some years the important committes in the EU knew about all that. 

So higher goals, which will never surface where important, as they are today.
Rumours spread like Germany therefore helps Greece so much to get the votes for changing the EU contract to built the „United States of Europe“ as a President then and the  goverment is needed.
Or this whole crisis was planned for this purpose.
Finger pointing.

Fact is that the overview is lost. We are kept in busy servile thinking not to understand that a huge change of paradigm is taking place.

Nobody asks:
What is the job of a goverment?
What is the job of the economy?

There is only one job a goverment has. To make laws to protect the social freedom and to help to keep the state stabile.
Within this laws the social freedom is granted so that AFTER making them economy can grow.
Economy shall safe us wealth.

Everything else following that five lines is our liberty.
We can work wherever we want. We can buy whatever we want. We can learn whatever we want. We can live whereever we want.
But media tells us otherwise.
We are in danger, they say.

The process of making laws is often missunderstood.
I sense that this is the main reason why xenophobia works so fine.
To make law is a REACTIVE process.
As in democracy the goverment shall not influence the people to much.
Which means that a new law is made AFTER a problem or a situation occurs.
If it is the other way round it would be dictatorship!!!
But this is what nowadays everybody wants.

Economy on the other hand is a PROGRESSIVE process, which everybody knows who is freelancer.
You have to sell your product and you need a good feeling for your customers and the ability to look into the future. SO you create processes now hoping they will work out tommorow.

So easy that this cant work, without one missing link.

This missing link is us. The people.
But we are not taking care about our role here. We are pointing fingers.
Sitting in our TV chair, staring in the manipulated news we are kept in the past.
They tell us, we would not understand.
The so called experts, who are paid, underline this thinking.

And in that situation every new law, every new goverment seems like paternalism.
But it is YOU only YOU, who can change it.
NOW and here.
Become interessted.
Stop pointing fingers and take part in the process.
Tell your opinion and do not copy 1.000 000 facebook entries to make them your own.
Reproduction of a reproduction.

Write your own thinking and spread it to the world.
As more different views there are, as more possible readers there are.
As more different readers as more different opinions.
As more different opinions as less possibillity for Xenophobia, less possibillity for being manipulated.

Simply become human.
And in case you want me to tell you what to do?
Think about it… 🙂