Everyday when we wake up we get a new possibility.
A possbility to learn.
Most people missunderstand that in learning for something or someone else.
As well known in science the main reason why human settled down was the creation of the tribe. Due to that new situation human had to adapt and therefore to find new ways of living together.
You also learn that, when you study law. The first „laws“ where found in tribes to guarantee a peaceful living together.
After several thousands of years later nothing really has changed.

The tribe is no longer our family. The tribe we fight for is mostly our company we are working for.
And as we are fighting for goals, which are not ours we lack the feeling of success because, if your are not CEO, you never have a clue what the intention you fight for is.
It is this not knowing, which sometimes makes us crazy.
We spend hours and hours in the office, doing things we are supposed to do and never get a clear picture what for.
At the end of the year maybe we get a bonus and that´s it.

But as we are human we also found a way to adapt.
We escape in sparetime.
So we work for financing our sparetime.
Again not knowing being part of a foreign strategy again.
So life goes on and at the end, we have the imagination that the company would not survive  without us and everything depends on us.
Furthermore that we are doing something really well in financing economy with our expenses.

Everyday we wake up, we have a new possiblity to learn.
About ourselves.
It is the same like in ZEN or Bujutsu.
The first things you learn are technical skills.
You learn to walk, to speak, to read, to think (hopefully)
You really spent much time on that.
After you finished university your set of skills is tremendous.

But what makes the difference to the leaders? They also finished school and you had the same skills like they had.

It is simple.
Having technical skills is only the beginning.
As I often said the next skill to learn is to cross-link.
But be aware people will not like that! People with so called power.
Cross-linking is becoming Shihan in life.
Only in linking your set of skills to new ones you learn an abillity, which enriches your personality most.
You gain experience.
It would be then the first time in your life, where you put your skills on a stand.
And futhermore you brighten your view.
Your frame becomes bigger and bigger.
Due to that experience your ego becomes smalller and smaller.
Frame bigger – ego smaller.

But the CEOs out there need you to have a BIIIIIG ego. So they have something to manipulate. To catch you with your ego is the best way to bind you to the foreign tribe.

After you cross-linked, became a Shihan of life it is time for the final step.
Strategy is last.
The most difference of successful people is the ability of cross-linking.
And in this „successful group“ the people, who learn strategy are again the winners.

Strategy of life is Okuden waza.
It means that you understand the basic and advanced ways of interaction in life.
These interactions always follow the same principles.
In understanding them you finally found your place, your way, your acting.
In founding your place you gain success.
NOW you know what you are working for.
NOW you know who you are working for.
NOW you know what your part is.
In life.

All this Coelho´s with their wise words always tell you WHAT to do, as do your CEOs, but they do not tell you HOW TO.
First because they do not know it by themselve and second if you know how to, you can do their job!!!

HOW TO only you can tell yourself. After you cross-linked, got experience and understood strategy.
What Bujutsu and ZEN does? 
It sharpens your skills so that you find the things faster.

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