… about trueness

trueness - Wer nur redet, kann nichts

Long time ago I met this old man for the first time. The stories about him, being the last real classical bujutsu teacher, being special, and always grumpy, made me a little bit afraid.

Then the moment came and we sat down.

Being stubborn was my big problem, all the Europeans told me.

They mixed stubbornness with arrogance, not realizing that when they pointed with the finger at me, it was a proof of their own.

Very soon, Soke and me realized that a typical, western, smooth, easy way does not work for me.
I did not give up everybody and everything for the easy way.
I made clear that it was my decision to go the long term, the stony path.
So we made deal.
Acutally they made it.
I was assigned to Toyoshima sensei. They did not ask me, if it was alright. They did not even think about the how. How shall he manage all that?

This was exactly my taste. Let me do my thing. You do not need to care.
I promise, I hold.
And so it was.
Toyoshima sensei held up every single promise he gave.
It was clear that the real thing will take time. It was clear the true Takeda Ryu will be hard to digest.
The thinking, the acting, the mindset is so different from a western mind, that I had to willingly change my way of being.
„Stay silent“ Soke said.
And we did.

Everything in Japan takes time. Everything.
You do not go out and come home with a friend. It takes time and more meetings.
You can not just smile and wave with money to get what you want. You need time and trust.
You can not enter a school without being checked. And the check needs time.
The old way, my way, needed time.
And we took it.

Stubbornness brought me to where I am today.
Strength grew from that stubbornness.
Believe grew from that strength.
Awareness was the result.

Many people want to start something. Many people want to become a master in something.
They have an idea. They have a wish.
Are you stubborn enough?
No matter what happens you continue?
If you are, congratulations.
And the reward will come.

So in a sense, I teach stubbornness.
Because THAT is what the West is all about.
We are open minded, we are searching and we are thinking.
Then there are some, who also do.
And from them there are a few, who are stubborn enough.

For these individual politics is a no go.
Being a clubman makes no sense.
Wanting certificates and waving around, does them not bring them closer to their goal.
Creating one federation after the other is boring to them.

We like to sit down. Drink a sake and talk about what really matters.
Perfection, Feeling and Respect.

An old japanese school is best compared to a ship.
The captain is Soke. The ship is his.
He got it from another Soke. He got it with an order. „Bring the ship home safe!“
A ship can not sail without a crew.
So you search for a crew.
And you make clear that becoming a member of this crew must be your own decision.
And when you get the job you start where all started. In the coal cellar.
Work starts now.
Year after year you work and get up.

And then there are the passengers of that ship. They just want to sail somewhere, not being interessted how the ship works.
They get certificates, licenses and handshakes. They make pictures, talk about philosophy and themselves.
They get everything they ask for.
And the captain knows. In the next harbour, new passengers will come, and the old  passengers will be gone.
But the coal cellar still will be on fire.

Be stubborn enough not to take any offer, just make one.