… about the island

Mit der Natur - inner peace

This is a very unique man, talking about various things concerning inner peace in this world. He is japanese, and furthermore a buddhist monk, even so a principal of a monastery.

As travelling and studying martial arts in Japan for more then two decades and as having studied the japanese kind of thinking, I still must say, that for an outsider, as all non-japanese people are, this monk might appear arrogant, naive and selfish.
He puts his way of thinking on top and explains all other ways from the above view. He assumes that all people in the world have a religion, when in fact all world religions loose members and believers.

This is the obvious view.

Before you judge, relax and sit back. Take a breath and look around. What do you see?
I assume you are in a room. You have a window and you can look out.
What do you see?
Well, that is important as if your are not living in Japan, even Asia, let’s say Europe, you live on a continent, in a country surrounded by many other countries. You live in a region, that was forged and tested all over again through a long period of wars, epidemics, famines and therefore many many different changes in the way of thinking.

In my naive view of history I can not believe differently, then that people after each of these horrific events changed their attitude, their way of thinking and believing.
We are doing it right now again, and the first time in history without a major war.
Globalism changes our way of thinking and believing. We look out, we see so many different things today, which I never imagined, when I was a young boy.
Recently science gave my generation a reward as being the only one generation in history of man, who was born and raised analog and who has to live digital.
We are the only generation knowing both parts AND being capable enough using both parts, which the generation before and after us are not.

This monk, sitting in his temple, contemplating and seeking enlightenment, what has he seen from that world? He is young, and he is profound in his thinking. He stands there giving a speech about his believe without hesitation and fear.
He puts the japanese way first and from that point explains the rest.
Once I asked my master:“ Why are you Japanese people are so stubborn? You learn something and then might never change it because it fits momentarly. Why is evolution so difficult in Japan?“

He answered:“Because we are an island.“

He continued:“ We can not run away. We are stuck. We have to work, live and die together, no matter what. A change, which affects only you is not possible here. So what works for all of us is good and therefore why change it?“

What else to say.

That might be the main reason for this so often called „japanese-way“.
But on the other hand, do we have a „european-way“? Because in its size only then it would be an „island“.
Or dont you think that this comparison can not work?
I think so.
Too long I compared and tried to copy. It does not work.
Therefore the only way to continue this change of paradigm happening today, is to learn from each other, accept the other culture and respect their way of thinking as the others have to respect ours.

But here is one problem. Do we have a way of thinking at all? I mean the majority.
Do we have a profound believe in something, that makes us stand there and talk with attitude and compasion?
And here all problems start. Someone with compasion will always be envied and in absence of arguments not liked for what she or he is.
It is this deficit in believing or lets put it that way, in work on someone self, that causes the first step of non-liking.
The „Gutmenschen“  are constantly only critizising.„The lack of empathy, the lack of understanding all that must end!“and so on and so on.
They do not understand that in this way of thinking, they already divided. They already put their believe above the others and explain from that higher ground.

And so it can be said, that not only the environment but also the way of thinking creates an island.
An island, that so many want to protect from foreign invasion.
Are you then so different at all?